The best spots for photography in Stuttgart

One of many amazing photography opportunities in Stuttgart

On or off the beaten path, here are our favorite spots in Stuttgart to take amazing photos.

@niedermueller_photography chose Schloßplatz as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.

Top 10 Best Spots to take photos in Stuttgart

  1. Feuerseekirche
  2. Woodpecker Trail
  3. Wilhelma
  4. Schloss Solitude
  5. Schloßplatz
  6. Max-Eyth-See
  7. Hall of Fame
  8. Stadtbibliothek
  9. Höhenpark Killesberg
  10. Mercedes-Benz Museum

When we decided to expand beyond Switzerland into Germany, the very first thing we did was tap into our network of talented local photographers to scout out the best places for photography in Stuttgart.  With their help, we’ve put together this definitive list of Stuttgart’s most Instagrammable spots. Some you may already know, but others may surprise you!  

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#1 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Feuerseekirche

@raw_stuttgart chose Feuerseekirche as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.
“I really like this place because St. John’s Church is in the middle of downtown and at the same time on a peninsula in Feuersee. A very nice place to spend one’s lunch break / evening with a view of this beautiful church in the water. For photographing, it’s best to go in the morning, when it is not so crowded, or at night, since the church is reflected very beautifully with the lights on the water”

No list of the top photography spots in Stuttgart would be complete without this iconic church.  Badly damaged during the war, the church was partially rebuilt–but without the steeple you expect to see on a Neo-Gothic church.  This incongruity, along with Feuerseekirche’s beautiful setting on the water (where a lucky photographer may even see sunbathing turtles!), makes this our #1 must-shoot spot for photographers in Stuttgart.

#2 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Woodpecker Trail

@simonboarder chose Woodpecker Trail as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.
“If the weather is nice, you can see people there every day. It’s best to go on the weekends, though. Then there is usually a lot going on.”–@simonboarder

Our #2 pick for Stuttgart photographers is off the beaten path–literally!  Woodpecker Trail is a 1 km long downhill bike path with 27 different obstacles.  This makes it an exciting place for a sports photographer, or really anyone who appreciates the juxtaposition of modern extreme sports in a location of timeless beauty.

#3 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Wilhelma

@picture_0711 chose Wilhelma as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.
“A cross between a zoo and botanical garden that never gets boring and offers countless beautiful subjects. I usually get an annual pass, think about what I want to photograph and then pack only the appropriate lenses or equipment. The typical Swabian, on the other hand, goes from morning until night and looks at every animal.”–@picture_0711

Originally the private gardens of King Wilhelm I, this botanical garden and zoo is now open to all.  The reason we chose this location as our #3 Top spot for Stuttgart photography is that it offers amazing photographic opportunities for a wide variety of styles.  The Moorish-style buildings are a treat for those interested in architecture photography. Photographers interested in landscapes and animals will also find plenty of inspiration here.

#4 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Schloss Solitude

@stadtblick.stuttgart chose Schloss Solitude as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.
“One of my favorite spots in probably all of Stuttgart. I have been there just too many times.”

Our next Stuttgart photography hot spot features wide meadows, magnificent views, and old trees and avenues. The palace was designed in a transitional rococo-classical style and is itself a popular photography subject.  The grounds and castle terraces, through which you can move freely, are just as beautiful.This stunning setting is naturally a very popular choice for wedding photography.

#5 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Schloßplatz

This former military parade ground has been completely reimagined, and now serves as a popular outdoor event space in Stuttgart. The beautiful setting, as well as the wide variety of events that take place here, make it a top photography spot in Stuttgart.  Shoot the gardens in the summer, the ice skaters or Christmas lights in the winter, or the impressive architecture at any time.

#6 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Max-Eyth-See

@squirrels_and_more chose Max-Eyth-See as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.
“Max-Eyth-See is one of my favorite places to photograph water fowl and other animals. The best part for me is the interaction between people and animals. The lake is a little oasis in the middle of the big city. The animals are mostly accustomed to people and are not very shy. However, it can get crowded on weekends.”–@squirrels_and_more

If wildlife photography is your passion, you’ll love our #4 favorite spot for photography in Stuttgart. This beautiful nature preserve was a clever repurposing of an old quarry. It also features a bird sanctuary populated by a wide variety of species, including greylag & Egyptian goose, great crested greb, heron, cormorant, kingfisher, and many more.  A must-see, especially for bird photographers and landscape photographers.

#7 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Hall of Fame

@niedermueller_photography chose Hall of Fame as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.
“Anyone can legally spray graffiti at the Hall of Fame in Bad Cannstatt.”

If polished palaces are not your style, the Hall of Fame may be more up your alley. At this location in Bad Cannstatt, anyone can legally spray graffiti.  It’s a place for graffiti artists to practice or to work on larger projects with their friends.  It’s also a great spot for street photography, urban photography, and outdoor portraits.

#8 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Stadtbibliothek

@corina1107 chose the Stadtbibliothek as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.
“For me, the city library is a place of tranquility whose unique architecture is immediately captivating. You can’t help but be amazed by the beauty of the overall picture, and you’ll always find places that are worth photographing. Definitely also go to the observation terrace.”–@corina1107

Deliberately built in the growth center of Stuttgart, the city public library is a (literally) towering example of minimalist architecture with maximum impact. Grab your camera and play with light and shadows and geometric patterns as you shoot inside this striking, 5-story building.

#9 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Höhenpark Killesberg

@visitstuttgart chose Killeburg Turm as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.
“It’s best to go early in the morning, when you have the park to yourself. Sunrise up on the tower is really great 😊 From up there you have a great 360 ° view. Generally, it is good to go on weekday mornings. When the weather is nice on the weekend, it is unfortunately very crowded there.”– @visitstuttgart

Another former quarry turned into a public park, Höhenpark Killesberg is Stuttgart’s largest city park. From the top of Killesberg Tower, you can see panoramic views of the entire park. At night, the tower is illuminated, which adds additional interest for photographers.

#10 Best Spot for Photography in Stuttgart: Mercedes-Benz Museum

@0711bilder chose the Mercedes-Benz Museum as one of the best places for photography in Stuttgart.
“The Mercedes-Benz Museum is, architecturally, a great subject. The front side especially looks exciting and is now also one of the characteristic buildings of Stuttgart. What’s more, you can get there relatively easily, and the square in front of the museum is perfect for taking pictures. If you walk a few meters further in the direction of the street, there is also a small fountain, which you can additionally incorporate into the composition. And if you shoot the museum from the front and close the aperture, you’ll get great aperture stars on the spotlights directly in front of it.”–@0711bilder

Last but certainly not least on our list of Best Photography Spots in Stuttgart is, of course, the iconic Mercedes-Benz Museum. Cars are in Stuttgart’s DNA; and this building, whose shape is inspired by the double helix, is one of the city’s best-known landmarks. Photographers interested in cityscapes can capture stunning photos of this unusual building, especially at dusk and early night.

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