Best camera & photography gear for Beginners in 2024 : Let’s go Mirrorless!

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The mirrorless has won! For 2024, we have updated our camera recommendations to 100% mirrorless. While the lens and accessory recommendations stay unchanged, we recommend a mirrorless camera for almost everyone buying new equipment for ease of use and to benefit from latest innovations. Read on to find out more. The most frequent question that […]

How to create a photography website

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In today’s digital age, having an online portfolio is essential for any photographer looking to showcase their work and attract potential clients. A photography portfolio website is not only a platform to display your best shots, but it is also an opportunity to express your style and vision as a photographer. It is simply not […]

Christmas photography tips from SPC

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The holidays are almost here! Here are our top tips you could use to take great photos during Christmas and share with friends and family. Also check out our gift vouchers in Christmas design if you want to give the gift of learning photography to a loved one or to yourself 🙂 Here are our […]

How to learn photography

Swiss Photo Club students practicing photography in Lausanne

You’ve started to take some nice photos with your phone, and you get compliments from your friends and family… Now you feel like you would like to take the next step and learn how to use a proper camera to take even better pictures. As a photography school that educates more than 2000 students every […]

How to become a professional photographer

Professional Photographer

With recent advances in digital photography and social media, there has been an explosion of interest in photography, both as a creative art form and sometimes as a career choice as well. The basics to become a photographer seem incredibly simple now: Get a camera, take a few free online classes, create a website and […]

Creative ideas for photographing your children

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Are you someone who enjoys taking beautiful pictures of you and your family? Then you are probably always on the lookout for inspiration for taking photos. There is nothing quite like capturing memories with your loved ones. Below are some unique photo ideas for taking good pictures of your children, using any camera. Most importantly, […]

How to hold a camera properly

How to hold a camera - Swiss Photo Club

What is so special about learning how to hold a camera? You might be surprised what a big difference it can make. Holding your camera the correct way will allow for more comfortable shooting and sharper images. In our beginners classes, we observe that more than 99% of our students make at least one of […]