Beginners Guide: 3 Ways to Learn Photography

SPC Students practice photography outside

We believe everyone should be able to beautifully capture whatever it is that matters to them. But we also understand that not everyone has the same amount of time to dedicate to their creative goals.

That’s why we offer three different ways to learn, to meet everyone’s schedule. Do you know them all?

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Short-term photography classes at Swiss Photo Club Zurich

#1: Short-Term Photography Classes

If you want to learn photography, this is a great place to start.

In as little as four hours or as many as 15, we’ll get you up to speed quickly in whatever it is you choose to learn, from general courses for beginners or intermediates to popular subjects like portraits & landscapes, or even more niche genres like nude or drone.

These classes have a results-oriented, practical curriculum that focuses on only the most impactful theory so you can start taking better photos right away. They’re perfect for people with limited time who still want to find a way to express themselves creatively.

Our short-term photography classes are great because we hire the best teachers in the industry; we keep the groups small enough to allow for lots of personalized attention in the context of a fun group atmosphere; and we’ve carefully crafted the curriculum to focus on the most important aspects of each topic so you don’t waste any time.

By the way, you can learn almost anything about photography on your own timeline with a private course.

Class JWIM3741
Students of a Beginners class in Geneva practice what they’ve learned

#2: Photography Mastery Bundles

If you love our short-term photography courses, these bundles are for you!

We’ve combed through our data to figure out which of the short-term classes people tend to take together. Then we’ve set them up so that, if you sign up for them all up-front, you’ll receive a valuable discount vs. registering for them all separately.

There are bundles for beginner and experienced photographers, covering subjects like portraits, outdoor photography, filmmaking, and even Photoshop.

Here’s how it works: First, you register for the bundle that’s right for you. Next, we’ll send you a promo code for each of the classes in your bundle, which you can use to register for each class without paying anything additional. Finally, you register for the classes in your bundle that fit your schedule, going as quickly or as slowly as you prefer.

Fabiana Nunes FAF 3557
SPC Academy students practice portrait photography at the WOW Museum in Zurich

#3: SPC Academy Comprehensive Photography Education

So far so good. But what if you want to develop deep expertise in photography without cutting any corners? That’s where SPC Academy comes in.

Unlike our short-term courses, which are really focused on improving your results quickly, the SPC Academy programs are focused on giving you a comprehensive understanding of photography and developing yourself as an artist and as a professional.

You’ll learn the history of photography and copy some of the great masters. You’ll go on all kinds of cool shoots planned by your teachers and mentors, learning by doing. You’ll even learn the business of photography so you can start turning your hobby into a career.

And by the way, no experience is required. The pace moves quickly, but we start from the beginning to make sure we all have the same vocabulary and that everyone has mastered the fundamentals before moving further.

There are 4 different SPC Academy programs:

  • 100+hour course: 4 weeks full-time or 12 weeks of nights and weekends
  • 200+hour course: 8 weeks full-time
  • 600+hour course: 32 weeks full-time
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